Saturday, June 2, 2012

Goat Peak Lookout

The Methow Valley has many hiking trails for you to explore. One of the classics that you’ll sure remember is Goat Peak Lookout.

This is home to one of the two active fire lookouts in the Methow Valley. The trail is a 5-mile trip hike that starts out easy for about 0.5 miles then kicks into gear and rapidly gains elevation.

You’ll find periodic views of mountain peaks from the tight switchbacks and then come across a more subdue meadow terrain. At this point, you’ll begin to take in more dramatic views.

Look north to the pinnacles of the Pasayten, Robinson, Osceola, and Pistol among them. The Tiffany Highlands hog the eastern horizon, while Azurite, Tower, and Cutthroat command the west. But it's the summits due south that'll siphon most of your attention, with Silver Star shining supreme among them.

This fire lookout has been in service since 1950 and is still manned by “Lightening Bill.” This is when the real treat begins. You’ll be greeted with an enthusiastic “Hello” and a big smile.

Lightening Bill lives at the fire lookout during the summer months and encounters about 1500 visitors each season. Bill is a wealth of information, has great stories and will read his poetry to all who will listen. This is a unique experience that you surely will not forget – for you have met a friend. Lightening Bill will remember you by the photo he captures of you. It’s fun to see his collection of albums; you might just see someone you know.

Make Goat Peak Lookout your lunch destination. Stop by TheMazama Store “a little bit of everything good…” and find some great lunch items. Treat yourself to the French Baguette with Sea Salt – amazing with cheeses and meats.

After your hike return to a hot tub along the Chewuch River at River’s Edge Resort.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Winthrop '49er Days!

Every Mother's Day weekend, our town has an awesome '49er Days Celebration. It's truly a step back into history with packers, pack trains, cowboys, cowgirls, wagons, vigilantes and horses throughout town.

The celebration always starts at high Noon on Friday with the arrival of the "Ride to the Rendezvous" wagon train. These folks are returning from five days of enjoying cowboy cookouts, campfire stories and traversing the high country in the Methow Valley.

The wagon train is impressive with covered wagons, horses and mules that are packing the supplies from the ride. After observing the wagon train, continue to walk along the town boardwalk and browse the local merchant shops. A must stop, is Sheri's Sweet Shop where you can enjoy the best ice cream cones, homemade candies and even play miniature golf.

Saturday is packed full of fun with the Winthrop '49er Days parade. This is a good ol' fashion parade that winds itself through town. This parade boasts more horses than any other parade in Washington and is known for the longest pack of strings anywhere.

You'll discover the small town flavor with the local fire trucks, homemade floats of all kinds, marching bands, swing dancers, mountain men, old cars, vigilantes and the '49er Day Royalty.

Throughout the day you'll come across cowboys and gals singing western songs along the boardwalk, staged western shoot outs and the aroma of back country cooking. At the local park, you'll get a glimpse of outdoor life, enjoy cowboy music, poetry, taste campfire cooking and join in with the children's activities.

Be sure to save some energy for the cowboy dance where you can swing all night at the Winthrop Barn! No worries if you don't know how to swing, someone will be happy to show you, or you dance your own style. Our local folks are friendly and welcoming.

Sunday morning is always welcomed with a Cowboy Breakfast back at the local park. Enjoy good food and good people.  Throughout the day, you can enjoy various western demonstrations, packer competitions and participate in a live Western Auction.

Truly, this is so much fun for the entire family that you might, just make it a yearly tradition. River's Edge Resort is the perfect Destination to hang your hat at the end of day.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Come “Feed the Adventure in You!”

Do you like adventure, good food and good people? We found a unique dining experience for you in Winthrop, Washington.

Definitely, this is a “Must Dinner Reservation” while visiting Winthrop. Hosts, Suekii and Wayne Welcome guests to their 22 foot Nomadic Tipi Lodge for a unique, rustic dining experience that will keep you talking.

Relax by the fire listening to Native American flute music while enjoying stories that cultivate the tipi history with wonderful, enriching stories about the area. The tipi accommodates up to eight people allowing for engaging conversations and new friends to be had.

Not only is the ambiance delightful, but you will discover the three-course meal is flavored with locally grown produce and inspired by the seasons in the Methow Valley.

Your hosts are most accommodating to dietary preferences such as, Vegan, wheat and Lactose intolerance's. When making your reservation, please talk to them about your special requests.

Here is a sampling of the standard menu that will surely please your palate.  Your evening does begin with appetizers followed by the main course of grilled, Montana grass-fed Skirt Steak, or a roasted Hump roasted in Port wine topped with mushrooms.

The main course is accompanied with Blue Birds Emmer Ferro pilaf with sun dried tomatoes, mixed with wild mushrooms, nuts, golden raisins and orzo, or black sweet rice. In addition, roasted yams are served caramelized with onions, corn and butter and topped with a sweet curry-cumin mix (locally made, Hanna’s Popcorn Spice).  Lastly, savory Bok Choy sautéed with red bells, onions and ginger, or if you prefer a choice of Asparagus, or Green Beans with roasted almonds.

Dessert is a delight with freshly baked fruit crisps topped with real whipped cream to warm your soul. Blue Star Coffee, a selection of teas, hot cocoa and iced tea punch is included with your meal for $50 per person. Available for purchase is beer and local, Lost River Winery wines. 

This is a one of a kind, dining experience that is definitely a “Must Dinner Reservation” while visiting Winthrop, Washington, or staying at River’s Edge Resort.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Walk Through the Past

Do you enjoy local history? We know just the place for you to wipe your boots and hang up your hat.

Our local, Shafer Museum is a "Must See" destination while visiting Winthrop, Washington. This Old West museum, offers a collection of pioneer nostalgia and buildings for history enthusiasts.

The museum is built around "The Castle," which is the original, log home built by Guy Waring in 1896. Mr. Waring, a Harvard Graduate promised his wife to build a fine home to help entice her to move to Winthrop, where he built the first general store.

Along with "The Castle," you will discover duplicate buildings of the General Store, Print Shop, Ladies Shop and more. Each of these buildings showcase time period furnishings, so visitors can reminisce about the past and talk a little about the "good old days."

The Shafer Museum is open May through September on weekends. You can also visit the museum online. The museum has an awesome collection of books about the pioneer period. You can order these online, or find them at Trails End Bookstore.

Next time you stay at River's Edge Resort, be sure to ask for directions to the museum.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birding in the Methow Valley

As the snow melts, we are noticing more beautiful birds in the valley. Our area has over 250 species of birds due to the diversity of habitats and elevation contained within the valley walls.

As a visitor you will easily discover Bald Eagles along the river, hear a choir of songbirds, the buzz of the Rufous Hummingbirds and the drumming of Pileating Woodpeckers.

The Washington State Audubon provides a Free Birding Trail Map for the North Cascade Loop. You'll find the best places for bird watching and discover the best spots in Winthrop, Washington.

Great birding can be found within walking distance of River's Edge Resort.